Sewing With Becky
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Sewing Classes

The Beginning Garment Sewing Class is designed for those who have never sewn, have returned to sewing after a long period of time, or who have sewn craft or quilt projects but would like to learn to sew clothing.  The focus will be on garment sewing techniques.

If you do not know how to operate your machine please consider taking the class,  "The Basics of Machine Sewing" prior to taking this class.
    • Basic Sewing Tools
    • Seam allowances
    • Seam finishing techniques
    • How to read and follow pattern instructions
    • Proper seaming techniques
    • How to purchase a pattern
    • Pattern alterations
Projects include:
Click on Project Name above to download the Class Supply List.

 Sewing Classes for Kids & Teens

The kids sewing classes are now on the calendar at Plano Sewing Center.
These classes are for students ages 8 and older.
Classes will meet at Plano Sewing Center, the corner of Spring Creek and Custer Rd.

Beginner Kids Sewing and Kids Sewing 2 Classes will meet a
lternate Wednesdays 4-6 PM.

Advanced Kids Sewing will meet alternate Mondays 4-6 PM

Classes are limited to 4 students.
Because the class is limited, I require that you pay for the 4 weeks in advance.  The cost is $50 per month on average.
Payment is by check or cash only.  Your place in class will not be reserved until you have paid.
Payments can be made at Plano  Sewing Center.

Advanced level students really should have a machine that they can use in class and at home.
Beginner level students will progress much more if they have a machine that they can use in class and at home.
However, I might be able to arrange for a machine for them to use in class if you cannot get a machine at this time or want to make sure they are going to like sewing first.

Detailed supply lists will be available after you have signed up.

Beginning Kids Sewing

This class is for the student who has no prior or very little sewing experience.
We will be working from the book "A Kids Guide to Sewing" which can be purchased from amazon.
Please use this link     (By using this link, the American Sewing Guild Plano Chapter will receive a rebate from your purchase)

and then search for "A Kids Guide to Sewing"

If you do not have a sewing machine let me know and I may be able to arrange for one for your student to use in class.
They will progress faster if they have a machine they can use and home.  Of course, they will need some supervision in the beginning.

If you, or another adult, whoever will be helping the student with their sewing skills,  could come for about 10 minutes at the end of hte first class to learn to thread the machine and wind a bobbin, that would be great.  OF course you do not need to come if you already know how to use a sewing machine.

Beginning Kids Sewing 2

This class is for the student who has some previous sewing experience.
This is recommended for those students who have previously taken Beginning Kids Sewing or a summer camp.
We will continue working from the book "A Kids Guide to Sewing" which can be purchased from amazon.
Please use this link     (By using this link, the American Sewing Guild Plano Chapter will receive a rebate from your purchase)!1000%2Cn%3A48&bbn=1000&ie=UTF8&qid=1360178070&rnid=1000&tag=plasamsegu-20&camp=15329&creative=406801&linkCode=ur1&adid=03EC08E9AGQVPZ1R9AW2&&

and then search for "A Kids Guide to Sewing"

Advanced Kids Sewing

This class is for the student who has some  sewing experience.
They need to be able to sew a consistent seam allowance.

We will focus on learning to read a pattern and complete the project.
Projects will become more complicated as they advance in their sewing skills.

The first project will be a peasant top using Kwik Sew pattern # 3169

You will need to purchase fabric using the suggested fabrics on the back of the pattern envelope.
I suggest that you purchase a cotton, poly/cotton blend, or a linen or linen/cotton blend.
These fabrics are easy to work with and your student will achieve success easier.

The second project will be determined after I see what level of young sewers we have.
The interest of the class will determine if we stick with garments, or rotate between garments and other projects, such as bags, pillows, etc.

I do recommend that your student have their own machine, so they can work on their skills at home.

This class is designed to teach you the basics of how to use a sewing machine.
    • Parts of the machine
    • Threading
    • Basic straight stitch and zigzag stitch
    • Sewing machine feet
    • Machine needles
    • Seam allowance guides
    • Basic fabric types

Advanced Beginner Classes

Blouse / Shirt Fitting & Construction -- Now that you have learned some basics of sewing facings in the Apron class, you will be ready to sew Pajama top to go with the PJ pants you made in the Beginning Garment Sewing Class.  Or you can make a button front blouse/shirt.  The sample is a boy’s camp shirt, but you can make a ladies shirt, kid’s shirt or a man’s shirt.  This shirt will have a convertible collar and a front facing with buttons and buttonholes.  

This class is broken into 1 session for fitting the pattern & 2 additional sessions for garment construction.  


Chore Girl Apron --  Make this cut apron with ruffles for a child or an adult.                                                                                                                                     
It is one-sized to fit all, with plenty of wrap around room on the sides, so you’ll keep   the cookie dough off your             clothes.

This class consists of 2 sessions.  If you need help cutting out the fabric, you can attend the open sewing session prior to this class.  Be sure to sign up for both classes.


Prerequisite:  Beginning Garment Sewing or prior garment sewing experience.

Open Sewing Lab

The Open Sewing Lab is designed so that you can work on your own choice of project.  Becky will be there to assist you as needed.  The class time will be shared with other participants.  Please let Becky know in advance what project you will be working on so she can bring appropriate materials and information to be able to assist you.  The class fee is $25 per session payable in cash or check.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available if you would prefer individual instruction or help with a specific sewing project.
Private lessons are available at Plano Sewing Center, in Frisco, or another possible location to be determined.
Private lessons are $25 per hour with a minimum of 2 hours per session.
Please contact Becky to schedule.


Classes offered for Lapped Zippers, Fly-Front Zippers & Invisible Zippers.
You will create a notebook with a sewn sample for each step of inserting the zipper.
Classes are 3 hours and the $50 fee includes all zippers and materials for samples.

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